So many people are amazed by Mr. Solomon J. Wickey and try to pursue the effectiveness of the cancer alternative treatment. More and more people are also trying to understand the gentleman's remedies academically and spiritually. The purpose of creating this wiki is to attract talented minds, collect the social wisdom and create a Solomon Wickey online community so cancer patients could benefit from it. Your contributions are welcome.
Here is my first visit of .Mr. Solomon Wickey.

I believe testimonials could also help people to exchange and understand Mr. Solomon Wickey better.

To promote Mr. Solomon Wickey's role and let his gift better serve our community, I suggest we start from the web. The internet is the best promoting tool to inform everyone who is in need. I would like to create more pages here so categorized activities could be initiated. The categories will include: testimonial, research, funding, organization, seminar or webinar. I know several volunteers are following and helping Mr. Solomon Wickey all year round and tried to learn his skills and knowledge to heal more people.

Your volunteer and input are welcome. Thanks for Vicki's correction of the salutation.